what documentation do you need?

Please note that documentation required may vary accordingly to the your Nationality and your current country of work and/or residence.

Generic Documents

  • Passport or Identity card;
  • Portuguese Tax Number (don't have it? We can help!);
  • Credit report like Expedia or Equifax (where available) or statement from another legally certified provider stating all liabilities outstanding;
  • Latest Income Tax Return;
  • Evidence of savings and other income;
  • Last 3 months of bank statements (the bank where you collect your salary and where you have your own funds).

If the property is already chosen:

  • Copy of the Promissory Contract Detailing the conditions of sale;
  • Land register extract of the purchased property.

Employed Applicants

  • Last 3 paychecks or proof of other income received on a regular basis;
  • Work contract or employer's letter specifying applicant's type of employment, length of service and gross annual income.

Self Employed Applicants

  • Balance sheet and last Income Tax Return;
  • Balance sheets/income statements of the three previous years;
  • Copy of the invoices issued or other evidence of the current year income.

Retired Applicants

  • Last year annual pension statement;
  • Income Tax Return.